Recruiting the highest quality personnel for the Hospitality Industry is our only business.

As our goal is building long-term partnerships, our clients and candidates receive a character dividend: integrity. We will not recruit our candidates from your company after we have placed them there. If we are presently serving you or you have recently retained us, you are off limits to our recruitment efforts.

Most of our relationships extend for years, broadening to a company’s different divisions as our initial contacts expand and enhance their own responsibilities.

The Search Process:



The best candidates are, most often, working for your competitors. Presently employed, they are not posting their resumes on internet job sites or reviewing classified ads. Our searches involve an extensive review of our database and referral network as well as direct targeted recruitment.



Screening is a major component of how we save our clients time, effort and expense. Tempered by years of experience, our screening process involves personal interviewing, reference checks and our own assessment of the candidate’s true potential – and overall ability to fit into – our clients’ organizations. We will share the results of our work with you, providing you with a better understanding of the marketplace.



Every company has a unique corporate culture that must be appreciated before any new member joins the team. There are gradations of style and operational outlook that we must consider in any placement. We not only search for specific skills and experience but for “fit” as well.
Ultimately the client selects the finalist candidate but our recommendation, based upon our extensive experience and our understanding of the client’s culture, the labour market and the candidate’s fit into that culture often proves to be an integral ingredient in the selection process.



When the finalist is chosen, there is one more critical step: Negotiating the Offer of Employment. We can assist you in determining the best overall compensation and benefit package – both comparable to industry standards and attractive to the candidate. It is also our task to demonstrate the offer’s value to the candidate, ultimately guiding him or her through the acceptance process.



A trustworthy relationship between recruiter and client is the necessary beginning to a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Our engagements may involve expansions and new directions of which the industry is not yet aware. Or we may be asked to search for a position with a current occupant where there is a need for a change. When candidates approach us, we also pledge our highest degree of confidentiality.


Why Lecours Wolfson Can Find The Best People

We take the time to understand your culture and what it means for a person’s eventual success within your organization. We search for the right candidate – for the right job – in the right organization. We will then explain why that person said, “Yes,” “No” or “Maybe”.

We have placed a substantial number of industry leaders in their current or past positions so we can call on them for their knowledge of peers and former employees. When we launch direct recruitment campaigns in our client’s targeted regions, potential candidates are receptive, knowing that Lecours Wolfson offers the industry’s best opportunities.

Our up-to-date database of potential candidates is among the industry’s largest. We tirelessly update and access this essential and proprietary tool. Because of our high profile, candidates often approach us directly – we welcome those contacts as we are relentless in our search for new talent.

Client Services

If you’re an Employer and would like more information about our recruitment services please contact:

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Private Residence Recruitment

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